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We’re on a Mission

Families Matter Food Pantry exists to provide relief from food insecurities in Western Pennsylvania by serving all families in need with programs that offer food, promote the value of nutrition, increase self-sufficiency, and instill hope.

The Impact We’ve Made Together

Numbers don’t mean everything, but they sure do help us realize the size of the impact every volunteer, donor, and member of our community has had by lending a helping hand throughout the years. Because of their combined efforts, Families Matter Food Pantry is reaching more people than ever with a lasting solution for hunger.


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Local Groups We Support

“It’s about neighbors helping neighbors.”

– Demetrios Pappan

Families Matter Food Pantry Benefactor

If you lived in Beaver County in the ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s and watched any amount of commercials, you may remember a friendly face gracing your TV screen and telling you in a confident but inviting tone, “You’re gonna like it! And that’s a promise!” That was Lou Pappan, founder of Pappan’s Family Restaurants and king of the $1.99 breakfast. While his restaurants were famous for the quality of their food, they were equally known for their selfless support of community groups and organizations throughout Beaver County.

It was in this atmosphere where Lou’s son—Demetrios Pappan—acquired the same passion for helping people. While expanding his father’s restaurant business, Demetrios saw the growing need for food among families in his community. He soon connected with Families Matter Food Pantry founder Dave Brailey and began funding its efforts. As The Pantry quickly outgrew its first facility, Demetrios helped it take a major step forward by providing us with our current facility—the SEAN Center, a place of hope that now serves over 400 families every week.

And yet, for Demetrios and his wife Karen, it’s not about history; it’s about legacy. It’s about teaching his kids—Sophia, Elias, Ariana, Nikos (SEAN)—and his grandkids that when you have, you give. It’s about helping a good thing grow so that more people in the community can be reached with love and hope.

Thank you Demetrios—and thank you Lou—for showing us what it’s really all about: neighbors helping neighbors.

Who We Serve

If you’re experiencing food insecurity on any level, The Pantry is here to welcome, love, and serve you and your family every week. We understand that life can take unexpected turns, so we’re here to provide relief as long as you need it. If you’re a Veteran, a young family, or you’re enjoying the later stages of life, you’re always welcome to take advantage of our food distribution times.

How We Help

Families Matter Food Pantry has one simple goal to achieve every day: get life-sustaining food into the hands of those who need it. While direct distribution from our Monaca facility is the main way that we achieve this goal, we also provide food to other local pantries as well as organizations who cook and distribute meals in their communities.

Who We Partner With

We’re an agency of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, and we help other agencies of theirs by providing them food. Other than a few staff members, we’re fueled by volunteers, many of whom initially came to us for help. As a non-profit, our building and fleet are solely sustained by private and corporate donors which include FedEx, Clearview, Shell, Mary Queen of Saints Parish, and other various local churches.

The Food Pantry Family

Staff member Rachel Triscila with Families Matter Food Pantry

Rachel Triscila

// Co-Director

Rachel is the niece of founder and has been helping since our very first distribution. During those humble beginnings, Rachel personally connected with the families she served and learned about the blessing of food relief. Though The Pantry is much larger now, Rachel still works hard to get to know the people she serves and to show them they’re valuable. She oversees daily operations, writes grants, manages the staff, and helps on the floor wherever she’s needed. Oh, and her favorite food of choice: pizza and tacos, preferably eaten on the beach.

Quina Price

// Co-Director

Quina’s first experience with The Pantry was in the distribution line. Her husband experienced a layoff, and they needed a little support as they navigated the moment. Quina was so impacted by the love she received that she began volunteering at The Pantry. Eventually, she stepped into a secretary position since she had a real-estate degree and plenty of office experience. As the Co-Director, Quina now coordinates drivers, volunteers, food orders, grants, and takes the lead on all administrative duties. When she’s not volunteering, you’ll find her curled up with a good book and a glass of wine.

Staff member Quina Price with Families Matter Food Pantry
Staff member Doug Swanson with Families Matter Food Pantry

Doug Swanson

Board President

Staff member Leonard Price with Families Matter Food Pantry

Leonard Price

Board Treasurer

Staff member Austin King with Families Matter Food Pantry

Austin King


Staff member Dottie McCue with Families Matter Food Pantry

Dottie McCue

Food Safety &
Compliance Officer

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